Bali Rainbow Community assist with personal living and medical expenses of community members living with HIV/AIDS in Bali. Till now we helped hundreds of people with short or long term support.

Funding is available for members of our community (regardless of gender or sexual preference) who have urgent need for assistance and who meet with the following criteria:

  1. HIV positive status
  2. Referred to BRC through Gaya Dewata Foundation, Bali Medika Clinic, Bali Peduli Foundation, Kerti Praja Foundation or other recognised organisation (or individual) supporting the gay community in Bali.
  3. Current medical status requires hospitalisation / medical treatment /surgery as a direct result of HIV or AIDS related illnesses – and which can legitimately show that financial support is needed.
  4. Recently unemployed and in urgent need of funds for immediate living expenses as a result of newly diagnosed HIV status and / or illness. (limited access to funding, not to exceed 21 days / Rp 2.500.000 expenses unless extra-ordinary circumstances apply) – including convalescence and recuperation from hospital treatments.
  5. Medicines and drugs not covered by Government allotments – shown to be needed as a result of HIV/AIDS related illnesses and conditions.

Application needs to be made to the board of the BRC with outline of case provided. All applications are to be treated confidentially and are to be responded to in 24 hours. In the event that the board is unable to meet to review the application, an emergency fund is to be made available, to be issued/used at the discretion of any single member of the executive board to the value of Rp 1.500.000. Any amounts in excess of this amount MUST be at the majority rule of the board.