Bali Rainbow Community was established to raise awareness and generate financial support to respond to the increasing number of HIV infections among the gay and bisexual men, transgender people in Bali. We are a non-government and non-profit locally based advocacy and fundraising organization.

Our group brings together concerned people from many countries and different professions. What unites us is the awareness of the needs of people living with HIV and the local organizations that provide HIV care and support services.

Our main goal is to raise funds and distribute the funding for activities to fight the spread of HIV in Bali, promote early testing and treatment among people who have tested positive for HIV.

We provide direct financial assistance to people living with HIV to cover their medical and living expenses. We also provide financial support to organizations and projects which provide broader community promotion, care, treatment and support services related to HIV and AIDS among LGBT people.

The Bali Rainbow Community is committed to ongoing support for education, outreach and financial assistance to HIV positive patients within our community.
With the generous support of past sponsors, the Bali Rainbow Community has assisted more than 100 positive patients with vital funds for hospital and medical expenses, and in some cases covering living costs for people in need.

Our online funding requests offer confidential, efficient assistance when people most need it.  We also support other foundations that provide support for the LGBT community for HIV.

New infections among gay men continue every day, although this number seems to be lessening, but the fight is far from over. Bali continues to suffer from a debilitating stigma associated with HIV.
With your support, the Bali Rainbow Community will be expanding its support for non LGBT positive patients and establishing an ‘Emergency Assistance Fund’ through affiliate foundations.  Whilst the LGBT community has had some success in communicating the need for safe sex, frequent testing, and improving knowledge of HIV, there are still large sections of the general community that are not aware of HIV or how to prevent it.  As a result, we are often approached to provide financial assistance to positive mothers and children who are expelled from the villages or critically ill in hospital.

We, the committee Bali Rainbow Community, vow to continue our efforts to help raise awareness of this terrible virus affecting so many in our community and help to fight the battle on HIV and AIDS in Bali.  We thank you for your support to help us to achieve this.